Careers Information

At Michael Hall, we pride ourselves on our careers education programme which provides students with help to plan and manage their career effectively. In addition, we ensure progression through an aspirational, ambitious and supportive plan. We have carefully designed our careers programme to meet the Gatsby Benchmark  giving our students the best experience and opportunities.

Michael Hall’s careers programme is delivered through a combination of methods

· Special events such as Post 16 Options Information evenings
· Careers booklet
· Careers Magazines
· Work experience
· Assemblies
· Visits and taster days
· Careers units in PSHE
· Fast Tomato which informs young people about the world of work.(from Class 8 upwards)
· Apprenticeship

UCAS Guide to Higher and Degree Apprenticeships
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Career Map
Careermap is an online career resource that provides live post-16 opportunities, such as apprenticeship vacancies, college courses, university and graduate options. We also offer career advice and guidance so young people can make well-informed decisions to enhance their futures! Check out 1000’s of live opportunities here.

For further careers advice or information please contact the Upper School Co-ordinator at [email protected]