Class 9

As we said on the last day, you will have begun to receive work from your teachers. Some will be online learning, some will be work to do on paper. Please find the right space to do your work in, and work conscientiously.  At school there is a rhythm to each day, beginning with Main Lesson and with break time and social time built into the structure of each day. Try to keep this rhythm. Without the discipline of school bells it can be so easy to slip into the attitude of “I can do this anytime I like” which will rapidly become “I don’t have to do this at all.” By following the structure of the day you will learn self discipline and when you return to school you will be a better learner. There will be further well-being advice coming soon with contact details for outside agencies that support young people.  

Main Lesson

English – GCSE

English – Functional Skills

Maths 9H1

Maths 9H2

Maths 9FS

Science Groups

Biology – Group Darwin

Biology – Group Dalton

Biology – Group Rutherford

Chemistry – Group Darwin

Chemistry – Group Dalton

Chemistry – Group Rutherford

Physics – Group Darwin

Physics – Group Dalton

Physics – Group Rutherford








Art & Design