Distance Learning

All children from all areas of the School can continue their learning at home.

This work is for lessons that have been set to commence AFTER the Easter holiday – work for this week and next is being sent via email from individual teachers.

Please click on the link to your class or year group. The work will be updated regularly and teachers will be in contact with you via email when new work is uploaded.

Students attending online classrooms – IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDING INFORMATION to follow shortly

Class 1a – Beth Honeyman

Class 1b – Sophie Chisholm

Class 2 – Marianne Romeo

Class 3a – Ethan Friedman

Class 3b – Daniel Jones

Class 4a – David Smith

Class 4b – Radostina Kamuninska

Class 5 – Renata Harkness

Class 6a – Jacqueline Courtenay

Class 6b – Henry Howlett

Class 7a – Ursula Godber

Class 7b – Dan Skinner

Class 8a – Stuart Purdy

Class 8b – Rachel Gatehouse

Class 9 – Tina Huber & James Kilfiger

Class 10 – Julian Rolton & Jo West

Class 11 – Michaela Devaris & Thackery Davis

Class 12 – Srisha Sreedharan & Andrew Lindsay

Gym – Upper School