Art – Class 10

Work for week commencing 11th May 2020 PDF

Class 10 ART GCSE 21/04/2020 – 25/05/05

Ofqual has released information in regards to Exams and marks for this year’s GCSE. As a Centre we will be marking your work in a rank order of achievement and this will be sent to the Exam board who will decide final marks looking at the Centre’s history, national rankings etc. Schools have been made aware that we do not need to set new work or ask students to complete any unfinished non-exam work for the purpose of grading after school closure, and no student should be disadvantaged if they are unable to complete any work set after schools were closed. Ofqual also states that in the case of completion of work after school closure Centres should be cautious in deciding if this has a real impact on your level of performance. Although this is not very clear, we can interpret it by thinking that work submitted that has been addressed and closely monitored by the teacher can aid secure marking decisions, especially for students who have been given borderline marks on my latest feedback. Therefore, it is my recommendation that you keep communicating with me about the work progress, at least weekly. Please note that work that has not been closely monitored by me cannot be accepted.

Here are the general tasks for the all class. Keep referring to your individual tasks sent previously or emails with individual updates.

You can take one of the options below:

21/04/2020 – 25/05/2020 – unit 1

1. Address completion of work based on the tracking paper I gave per theme and individual tasks set previously via email.

2. You have also received post-it-notes along books, refer to these to complete/refine work. 

3. Remember that you should send images of work progress via email on a weekly basis so that I can closely monitor your work development and feedback.

4. If you have completed all this work, please progress for the tasks requested for unit 2;

5. Please note that you can contact me via email for any questions in regards to your Art work [email protected] or [email protected] .

21/04/2020 – 25/05/2020 – Unit 2 – Exam Unit

Some of you keep steady and inspired in your Exam unit development. This can be an opportunity to explore the development of a final outcome to be exhibited in the Autumn exhibition at Michael Hall which will also include your previous outcomes and A-Level work. Also, this helps you build a more secure foundation for those who wish to proceed to A-Level Art.

1. Keep exploring paths for work development and refer to your “Event” weekly plan as guidance;

2. Please do continue to send your work over as it progresses and keep asking for any feedback. Send your work development in images;

3. Please note that you can contact me via email for any questions in regards to your Art work [email protected] or [email protected] .

All work to be sent with images and/or word documents via my email [email protected].