Biology – for Class 10 students who have opted for A-level Biology

Work for week commencing 1st June 2020Biology

Work for week commencing 18th May 2020Biology

Work for week commencing 11th May 2020Biology

Work for week commencing 4th May 2020Biology

Dear On-going Class 10 Biology Students, 

I’m delighted that you want to stick with it and go further. 

This is mostly relevant to you if you are thinking of doing A-level Biology or perhaps sports science. Or perhaps just for interest and something useful to do with your time. 

Several of you already have signed up, but I’m expecting a few more: if you haven’t already, the first thing to do is email me at [email protected] to let me know of your interest. I will then invite you to join a Class Notebook, which will have further instructions, work etc. 

Please also email me if I can help you with a possible EPQ. 

For those of you that have signed up, we will be moving forwards through the ‘missing’ single-award GCSE material and taking a little time to explore your interests. 

Open the Notebook and look in Content library > Action Plans > Second Week. 

Best wishes, Mr.Grimshaw

If you receive an out of office reply, please email: [email protected]