Biology – Class 12

Work for week commencing 11th May 2020

Biology work

Work for week commencing 4th May 2020

Biology work

Dear Class 12, 

This is purely voluntary. 

Nothing we do from now going forwards will influence your recommended grades, but if you wish to continue exploring the wonders of Biology, I would be delighted to help with that and to offer pointers and a sounding-board for ideas or questions. 

I will continue to upload material periodically to the Class Notebook, purely for interest. 

If you haven’t been doing Biology A-level, but now realise your mistake (!) and would like to be added to the Class Notebook (!) let me know. 

Please email me directly [email protected] if you would like to keep active in this area, or if I can help you with a possible EPQ. 

Best wishes, Mr.Grimshaw

If you receive an out of office reply, please email: [email protected]