Gym – Upper School

Dear Upper School students,

Many of you will be acutely aware of the physical and mental benefits of staying active. 

As our everyday life is changing shape and more and more restrictions are being felt we wanted to remind you of some of these and to give you some ideas of what you can be doing to look after yourself. 

Below is a summary table of the short and long term effects of exercise on the body: 

 Short termLong term
Cardiovascular systemIncreased heart rate increase in blood pressure stronger heart, the heart adapts to become more efficient lower resting heart rate lower resting blood pressure
Respiratory systemIncrease in breathing rateIncreased lung capacity. Increased strength of respiratory muscles
Cardio-respiratory systemIncrease in oxygen uptake increase in carbon dioxide removalBecomes more efficient due to the above
Muscular systemIncrease in temperature of muscles increased pliability muscle fatigueIncreased strength of muscles, tendons and ligaments.

 If you would like to find out more details about this have a look at the following link or do a quick online search:

Physical activity does not only support or physical wellbeing, but also our mental health. Essentially what happens is that the exercise triggers the release of a number of hormones (the most commonly known ones being endorphins, serotonins and norepinephrine’s) which make us “feel good”, reduce our pain receptors and anxiety triggers. 

Again, here are some links if you want to learn about this in more detail: