Lower School general family crafts

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Teaching children how to knit

Basic knitting stitches

Class 1 cast on

Knit a bunny from a square

Knitted ball

Picking up a stitch (Class 1)

Picking up a stitch in stocking stitch

Class 6 longtail cast on

Advanced knitting:

Baby boots & Fair Isle hat

Finger knitting:

Knitted flowers

Knitted woven rug

Knitted four finger scarf

Circle weaving:

Instructions and example picture

Class 3 solar dye:



Basic crochet stitches

Crochet chicken pattern

Crochet juggling ball pattern

striped cap pattern

Crochet farmers market bag

Crochet finger ducks

Crochet abbreviations UK and US to Uk conversions and key UK and US

Garden projects:

Weaving and woodcutting

Arm knitting a treehouse hammock

How to make a cardboard loom:

Image – step 1 – step 2 – step 3 and step 4

Sewing (Lower School projects):

Sock monkey and sock monster

Sewing (advanced):

Afternoon bucket hat instructions & template

Wet felting:

Welt felted slipper guide Class 1, tutorial, and guide Class 5

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