Early Years

A child’s learning is directly connected to their physical body and sensory experience – everything a child sees, hears and touches has an effect. In Early Years, we give the child clean, orderly, beautiful and peaceful surroundings, with natural materials and warm textures. We provide varied and nourishing opportunities for self-directed learning and teachers strive to support and offer guidance to parents, with the ideal of providing consistency for each child both in the home and Kindergarten.

Why does it feel so different, so special, in a Waldorf Kindergarten? There is a hum of activity and focus, the Teachers speak and sing softly and the children move about the room with a comfortable confidence at any given moment.

There are many things that contribute to this unique setting, including the natural classroom design, the smell of fresh bread or soup, or the way the Teachers move about the room doing purposeful work.

There is also a deeper level of social, emotional and academic learning in the Waldorf Kindergarten that is a pervasive undercurrent in the daily rhythm of our early childhood classrooms.