Transition from home

Michael Hall Parent-Child

Parent-Child sessions are a family’s first step into the vital community of the school. Parents and carers come together to learn and share—from gentle seasonal songs to emotional support in the social interactions of toddlers.

The Parent-Child sessions take place in a beautiful home-like setting where your child is able to play safely and creatively.   Children are free to play and explore carefully selected ‘bits and bobs’ of the sort that surround us in our homes, as well as toys crafted from wood or other natural materials. When outside in the beautiful garden space is located amongst the extensive school grounds, children explore the natural world, which is an integral part of the curriculum as the children grow up.

Michael Hall Kindergarten

Around the age of 3 a new milestone is reached as your child begins to develop more independence and becomes ready to make the move to Kindergarten.

If they have been in one of our Parent and Child Groups, your child will recognise a rhythm to their day and week which helps with the transition to this new yet familiar environment. If they are new to Michael Hall they will find themselves welcomed into a space that feels much like home; playing with other children – some a little older, some a little younger; meaningful tasks carried out with love and care while your child plays or helps (sorting and tidying, baking and serving, painting and singing).

Your child’s Kindergarten teacher accompanies them on their journey of exploration, listening to their exclamations of wonder, allowing them time to watch and experience. Questions naturally bubble up and are met with openness and possibility by the teacher rather than answers – answers are for your child to discover for themselves as their intellectual capacities naturally awaken.

Outdoor activities are a particular feature of Kindergarten life. Your child will spend as much time outside as in – if not more in good weather! Our children are not fair weather spirits and walks happen in all but the most extreme conditions, with children well wrapped up against the cold and wet. At Michael Hall we are blessed with 60 acres of grass and woodland which makes for the best of all playgrounds. In addition each Kindergarten has its own dedicated outdoor space with opportunities to climb, swing and play in the sand.

Half way through the morning after tidy up when everyone helps out, tables are set with much care for a healthy organic snack shared by everyone.

Playing, singing, exploring, making, baking and stories – this is how your child will experience Michael Hall Kindergarten. The reality is that they are being encouraged to engage in activities that become increasingly challenging as they demonstrate they are ready to manage more complex tasks. In this way they naturally synthesise the social skills and manual dexterity that prepare them for the onset of formalised education in the Lower School.

“Students and parents are involved in many activities meaning you develop close relationships with other families and there is a strong bond of feeling you are all pulling together for something positive.” Parent