Advent Festival of Music

Dear Everyone,
On the last Friday of term, we treated ourselves to an Advent Festival of Music. Whilst we really missed singing and playing for our community, we made the most of this opportunity to make music together and I am delighted that we can share some of it with you as we approach Christmas. 
When listening to the recording, please keep in mind that this was very much an occasion for sharing rather than a performance, and that whilst we miss seeing the pupils and students in action, I am very grateful to Julie Ruse for putting together such beautiful videos (in 3 parts) to accompany the music.
This was the first time that we have recorded such a large event where some pieces were sung or played on the stage and others were shared whilst standing in our places in the auditorium. I am very grateful to both Thom Bollins and Pearce McNulty for managing to capture most of the programme despite the difficulties involved. Sadly, we lost Class 9 and 10’s beautiful singing of Entre le boeuf and The Water of Tyne. You will also hear that a few pieces were captured on another device entirely.
We hope that you enjoy our shared festival and look forward very much to welcoming everyone back to the Theatre as soon as possible.
With warmest wishes for Christmas and the New Year,
Julian Rolton, Music Teacher.