Anything Goes! Musical Preparations

Classes 9 and 11

Class 9 and 11 are midway through their Musical Main Lesson. The ensemble dance numbers are coming together in a flamboyant and fun way, and with dedicated practise each morning they are becoming crisper and more polished by the day! The chorus numbers are real crowd-pleasers: lively, funny and joyous, and should bring a smile to everyone’s faces next weekend.

Class 9 are getting used to the new experience of bringing together an entire musical in three weeks whilst Class 11 are old hands from ‘Oliver’ last year. The showstopper set – a huge passenger liner is coming together impressively under the excellent management of Robyn, Grace and Mr Davies, whilst Miss Huber and Lauren are producing a never-ending array of glimmering, glittering 1930’s gowns, jaunty nautical outfits and sailor costumes.

There is a Friday night and a Saturday night cast and as each actor brings a subtly different energy to their character and the way they interact, the two nights already feel like excitingly varied shows. Our school always has strong musical talent and this year all of the principals are already fully embracing their solos and blowing us all away with the rich, beautiful Cole Porter classics.