Exams news (20th March)

Julie Ruse

This link takes you to a page on gov.uk that explains the current thinking about exam qualifications. Whilst it very clearly states that all exams are cancelled this summer both academic and vocational, it does  suggest that completed course work (or even course work that can be completed) will be valid in assessing attainment. It also makes it clear that suggested grades will not rely exclusively on the mock results and that there will be an appeal process should students and parents wish to challenge the outcomes.

As Guardians we are here to help and will provide updates relevant to the class as the days go by. If work does not appear please do check junk boxes, but do not wait too long before checking with both subject teachers and ourselves where it might have gone. Moving forward after the Easter holidays work will be appearing on the Distance Learning section of this website unless prior arrangements have been made with the teacher/students and yourselves on that subject.