Michael Hall Parents

“Support and dialogue with parents for enriching their journey with Waldorf Education at Michael Hall School”

“Michael Hall Parents” is an open group that supports and engages in dialogue with all parents on how to participate with Waldorf education for their children and themselves at Michael Hall. In order to achieve this, parents work to support each other, are in study of Waldorf Education, and are in dialogue with teachers and the Senior Leadership Team. With parents working together we can foster the best conditions for learning in a Waldorf community.

This current intention has evolved from many iterations before it, and most recently from the Parents Working Group. Through the previous efforts, Round Table meetings, the Open Space sessions, and the Canteen sessions during lockdown, it has become clear that without greater parent participation and understanding of the education, the teachers cannot be fully supported in their work. This new state will also establish a clearer role for parents with the Senior Leadership Team, and there will be a regular meetings to share insights, learning and maintain dialogue — this is known as the Parents’ voice with OFSTED.

The autumn of 2020 will see the start of this evolved group, we have set out some of the principles in which we seek to operate:

  • Open to all, whether you participate a little, a lot or just in spirit; with a more regular group to keep the candle lit from week to week
  • A belief that peer-to-peer is as effective as top-down in both getting answers and bringing clarity, comfort and care to a situation
  • The work done is only as strong as the number of parents that participate, and seeding and starting their own way of understanding the education
  • That the focus stays on the essence of the issues, and that everything is approached with kindness and a desire to be helpful
  • If parents have concerns, they can be solved swiftly, and that the process in doing so is very clear and easy to follow
  • The School is a rich and complex structure, and that new parents do need to be welcomed and brought into the community consciously
  • Finally, a strong Waldorf community is one in which the parent is choosing to recognise that they are also on their own journey of learning, which enables their child to get the best from the School.

In the spring of 2021 we have launched a Speaker Series, you can find these on the website at the following links:
Spirit of the School — Jacob Forward and William Forward
Rubicon — Daniel Jones
12 year change — David Smith

Please do get in touch via email if you would like to hear more or come along to our regular catchup sessions on Monday mornings (TBC with Covid regulations changing) after drop-off; we look forward to welcoming many to the collective efforts.