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Lower School curriculum themes and narrative

Lower School Faculty

To the left of the picture we see that the narrative theme of Class 1 is based on traditional fairy tales and the rich language of archetypes that is to be found within them. Moving counter-clockwise to the right, we see the Class 2 narrative themes which come from traditional animal fables that highlight possible […]

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Recommended Reading List

Michael Hall School

We are often asked to recommend books on the pedagogy and the roots of the education. Here are some of the ones we recommend most often. Many of these books are available in Forest Row either at ‘Al Fine’ or at ‘Emerson College’, also available from ‘Steiner Press’. In addition, books published by the SWSF […]

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Waldorf 100 film


The film “Learn to Change the World” shows people from around the world who work on the big pedagogical tasks of our time based on Waldorf/Steiner pedagogy. It is the first of more to come which aim to show concrete approaches to these tasks.

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What Rudolf Steiner Told the First Waldorf Teachers

Martin Schmandt

After fifteen years working mainly as a class teacher, my focus this year has been on educating teachers. This has included working with both Michael Hall’s teacher trainees and a group of teachers new to Michael Hall having no previous Waldorf experience. I have also made several trips to China to support the burgeoning Waldorf […]

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How Many Brains Have You Got?

Henry Howlett

Rather than being an expression of neurological one-upmanship, the above question is one that contemporary researchers suggest should be taken very seriously. The answer that is coming to light has significant implications, not only for medical science, but also because it clearly validates a core principle on which Steiner Waldorf education is founded. Over the […]

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School lunch menu update

The Kitchen

Each half-term the menu will be updated in this location, please contact Reception to register or update your requirements.

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Steiner Education: Educating Both Sides of the Brain

Emmeline Hawker

Henry (Howlett) and I both have a psychology background. I have a degree in Psychology and Counselling and teach psychology A-level whilst Henry worked in research psychology at Cambridge. Both of us have come to Waldorf education because after studying psychology and then reading the lectures of Rudolf Steiner, we came to the conclusion that […]

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Is Eurythmy Essential to Steiner Waldorf Education?

Maurice Manning

I retired from teaching in the spring of 2018 after a prolonged period of illness but happily was invited back to say goodbye to the children (for whom I had simply disappeared for a long time!) as part of the end of term assembly just before Easter last year. Some of the children and young […]

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Brighton Waldorf School


An inspiring video capturing the Waldorf School in Brighton

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A Case For Waldorf Education

Robert C Oelhaf

The case for Waldorf Education is clear for anyone familiar with pedagogical and physiological research of the last few decades. Although Waldorf schools have been working and teaching in much the same manner as the original school established by Rudolf Steiner in Stuttgart, only recently have independent research programs confirmed the soundness of Steiner’s pedagogy. […]

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