Old Scholars

Welcome to the Old Scholars page, we would love to stay in touch!

Calling all former students of Michael Hall; whether you went from Kindergarten all the way through to Class 12 or just came for a term as an exchange student, you’ll have vivid memories of your time at the school. Why not re-live them?

At every Midsummer Festival we have a busy Old Scholars’ tent where you can get all the latest information, find out who is around, laugh over old class photos and of course meet up with your friends.

Better still, come to a class reunion; if you feel like organising one, contact us and we can help. Most people choose to do this at the Midsummer Festival. We will take care of the arrangements, help out with publicity and provide a room to meet in.

Get in touch with Stephen Sheen class of 1953 ([email protected]) or Christian Lewin née Taylor, class of 1959 (mailto:[email protected])

We also publish an annual Newsletter for Old Scholars in May each year. Do sign up here to receive yours by email. Previous issues can be downloaded below. If you have anything you’d like to see included, contact Stephen or Christian.

For general news about the school sign you can view and signup for the school newsletter.

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I am so glad I stayed on at Michael Hall, the teaching was excellent! The teachers knew me so well and knew what I needed so they could give me specific advice for the future. I don't think I would have had this personalised help and advice if I had gone to a different school or college. Michael Hall has the capacity to help you to specialise in different fields that you can excel in, most schools wouldn’t enable you to do that, whether it be working to get to Cambridge or becoming a professional Sailor or a Doctor, the scope is there for you if you want it. Old Scholar