Michael Hall is governed by the Department of Education, Charity Commission, and East Sussex County Council. There are a number of policies that the school has put in place and updates regularly to achieve compliance and to deliver on the education for your child.

Please find the full list of policies via the links below, please contact us if you have any additional questions or queries regarding the policies.

Organisational policies

Statement of Ethos

Staff Code of Conduct

Parent Code of Conduct



Interim Scheme of Delegation

Curriculum policies

Curriculum overview

Curriculum framework

Literacy Policy

Numeracy and Literacy framework

Feedback and Marketing Policy


Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Gifted and Talented

Provider Access for careers

Behaviour & Anti-Bullying policies

Anti-social behaviour and bullying

Lower school behaviour

Upper school behaviour

Drugs and substance misuse

Use of camera and mobile phones


Health & Safety policies

Health & Safety

First Aid

Tree Climbing

School Dog Policy

Accessibility Plan

Snow closure

Public Liability Insurance

Safeguarding policies

Child Protection & Safeguarding

Online Safety

Lost Child

Remote Teaching & Learning Policy

Safeguarding Addendum

COVID-19 school closure arrangements Policy for Safeguarding and Child Protection at Michael Hall School

COVID-19 Risk Assessment – working document

Early Years Policies

Kindergarten Camera and Mobile Phone Policy

Kindergarten Failure to Collect a Child Policy

Kindergarten Intimate Care Policy

Kindergarten Physical Intervention Policy

Kindergarten Relationships and Sexual Education/ Relationships and Health Policy

Kindergarten Supervision Policy

Kindergarten Promoting Positive Behaviour in Kindergarten Policy

COVID-19 Kindergarten Safe Operating Procedures

Compliance policies

Concerns and complaints for Parents

Separated Parents

Data Protection & GDPR



Whistleblowing Policy