School buses

Daily minibus services run to and from Brighton, Tunbridge Wells and East Grinstead, with intermediate stops on route to Forest Row. Below are the schedules, fares, policies and method for requesting a place. Places will be allocated starting with those children who travel the greatest distance on the bus. As a current parent there is an interactive form via the Parent Portal.

Schedules & Fares

The following are the schedules and fares for the three bus routes. Fares are indicated per single journey, and will be collected termly in advance by direct debit. Please remember that you are responsible for notifying the bus driver and/or Reception if your child will not be on the bus, numbers attached to each schedule. If your child misses a trip due to illness or an alternative arrangement, please be aware it is not possible to arrange a refund.

East Grinstead Bus information

Tunbridge Wells Bus information

Brighton Bus information

Michael Hall Bus form

Minibus Service agreement

Passengers on the school minibuses are subject to school discipline and school rules. A copy of these is available from Reception or from the school website. Pupils and parents need to be aware of the rules regarding behavior on the bus before using this service.

  1. Pupils travelling in the school minibuses must wear seatbelts.
  2. Pupils must accept the driver’s authority at all times.
  3. Pupils are to remain in their seats with seatbelts on throughout the journey.
  4. Pupils must not leave rubbish. They must take it with them.
  5. Pupils must not vandalise the bus nor put graffiti on its surfaces.
  6. Pupils are not permitted to eat while on the bus.
  7. Pupils are permitted to drink water while on the bus.

Failure to behave in accordance with these rules may result in immediate suspension from the minibus service.