Students attending online classrooms

Student will have been given instruction by their teachers if their lessons will be hosted online. Most online classrooms will take place on Zoom unless stated otherwise by their teacher. 

Areas that must be followed by Students. 

· All students must use their School emails when communicating with teachers. In the event that a student has forgotten or cannot access their school email they may email a teacher asking for their password to be reset. 

· All students attending an Online classroom must be appropriately dressed as they would If they were attending school. If this is not followed your teacher will remove you from the lesson. 

· All students attending an online classroom are advised to join from a communal space at home such as a living room or kitchen. A student may join the lesson from their bedroom but only if no other spaces are available for the student to use. 

· If you are invited to a 1 to 1 teaching session you must ask your parents to give consent to the teacher, either when you join the lesson or by emailing the teacher beforehand. 

· All students must not give out personal information such as mobile numbers or personal emails to the teachers.