School Management

Michael Hall School is a charitable trust whose charitable objects are to “hold the premises in perpetuity for the purpose of a School for the education of children in accordance with the principles and methods enunciated by Rudolf Steiner.”

The School Annual Returns can be found here

Organisation Structure

The School Council: The trustee is a company – Michael Hall School Ltd. The Board of the company is known as the Council, and its role is to:

  • Set the School’s strategy and monitor the implementation.
  • Appoint the School’s management and leadership and monitor their effectiveness.
  • Be the guardians of the School’s assets.
  • Assure compliance with regulations and legislation such that the School retains its status as a registered school.
  • Assure good governance, e.g., that the School abides by the policies, procedures, codes of conduct and contracts of employment.
  • Council members are recruited to lead one or more of the following portfolios, which map onto the Ofsted standards:
    • Early Years quality of education
    • School Years quality of education
    • Welfare, health and safety of pupils
    • Suitability of staff, supply staff, proprietors and volunteers
    • Premises of and accommodation at school
    • Provision of information including marketing
    • Manner in which complaints are handled
    • Quality of management and leadership
    • Boarding and boarding practices
    • Financial governance

A list of the School Council members can be found here (to follow shortly)

Company Members – The Association

Michael Hall School Ltd. is a company limited by guarantee. It has company members who represent its interests rather than shareholders. The role of company members is to:

  • Hold the Council to account.
  • Appoint/re-appoint Council members.
  • Inform and be consulted on decisions concerning the School’s current and future direction.

Senior Leadership Team

The Senior Leadership Team is responsible to the Council via the Principal, and manage the day to day running of the school. That team consists of the below members:

{org chart picture to come}

The entire staff body can be viewed on their own page.  In addition, you can view the school policies, which describe the processes that are followed to ensure a safe, and well run school.

Ofsted inspection and report

The School was inspected in November 2019, with the following report issued. A lot of progress was made from March 2019, and another followup will happen this March 2020 to ensure the completion of the remaining items. Compliance to the Department of Education standards is taken very seriously, and the School is doing everything to met those standards and clearly communicate the principles of the education.


Michael Hall is primarily funded by school fees, in addition to grants and donations. The school is committed to keeping school fees to a minimum and as accessible to all as possible. To support this it holds regular fundraising events, including the regular Mansion Markets, the Advent Fair, Midsummer Festival, plays, performances, vegetable stalls and more.