What If...

School was a place to climb trees, jump in puddles, catch leaves, ask questions, challenge your intellect and have the confidence to be fully you?

What If...

School was a place to detox from the stresses of modern-day living and a place to truly thrive?

What If...

Learning was a lifelong adventure and school felt like home away from home?

What If...

Your child felt really happy and relaxed as they return back to school?

In preparation for life

The Steiner Waldorf approach to education is both innovative and insightful. Our pupils are well-balanced as individuals and develop a general enthusiasm for learning whatever the context might be. With a hundred years of experience to draw on, the education is well-proven, but central themes of innovation and enquiry ensure that it remains at the forefront of contemporary education in a fast-changing world.

Michael Hall is a widely respected learning organisation, actively educating over 400 pupils whilst also providing an established teacher-training course. We are the longest-running Steiner Waldorf School in England.

Our curriculum is broad and rich, and the outcomes for our students are for life. The education that we offer enables our pupils to mature in a balanced way; innovative and rigorous academic education is combined with the development of impressive human qualities. These human qualities promote purposeful engagement, and more than anything else, they ensure that our pupils take up meaningful and fulfilling roles that contribute in a positive way to our rapidly-emerging future.

Your Child’s Journey

We aspire to develop responsible, creative and freethinking young people, who will contribute, with vision and purpose, to society and a sustainable environment. Our education is based on the pedagogical insights of Rudolf Steiner. Central to these insights is the question: what does it really mean to be a human being, living within the broader context of our contemporary world? In light of this question, our education involves three overarching themes: to actively develop clear thinking and analytical skills, an appreciation of beauty and aesthetics that enriches our inner landscape, and development of the necessary motivation and perseverance to fulfil our endeavours.


Situated in the heart of the Ashdown Forest, just 30 miles south of London.

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We have over 100 expert staff with a great diversity of background and training.

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