English – Class 10

Work for week commencing 27th April 2020

English PDF

Work for week commencing 20th April 2020

Dear Class 10,
Welcome back once again to the dizzy world of distance learning. For those of you who may feel you wish to take the GCSE English Language exams in the autumn, or any of you who simply may wish to pursue A-level English, I’m setting work that should take you about two hours in total.  
There are two PDF files attached related to a Paper 1 GCSE, Practice Exam Questions and the extract.

One walks you through a Reading Source and some exercises and the other is EXAM STYLE QUESTIONS as they might appear on a GCSE paper, which you are welcome to tackle.  Here also is a link to an interesting BBC video about analysing texts and it uses DH Lawrence’s novel, “Sons & Lovers”. (We did a Q2 based on a DH Lawrence texts about the village in the mines, remember?)

Please use the new [email protected] email for all correspondence now for English work and any questions or concerns you have regarding anything to do with English.  Also send completed work back to this address as you do it, and I will mark it.

Many thanks,

Mrs Peters, Upper School English Teacher