English – GCSE – Class 9

Work for week commencing 8th June 2020 until 18th June 2020

Mini-magazine project 

Hopefully you’ve watched the video below and here’s the written guidance for you so you can get going. You’ll also find some more video clips on SHAREPOINT in the Work Folder Work from June 8th – June 19th  to give your information on the different ‘formats’ of writing you can include, so please watch this first before you start planning and then writing.

Work for week commencing 1st June 2020

All work will be set on Sharepoint please follow that link.

Work for week commencing 18th May 2020

All work will be set on Sharepoint please follow that link.

Work for week commencing 11th May and going forward

All work will be set on Sharepoint please follow that link.

Work for week commencing 4th May 2020

Please see a short Video from Mrs Peters below:

Dear Class 9,
This week I’d like you to continue reading to the END OF ACT 2 of An Inspector Calls either from the online version via Classoos or you’re own book.  We’re swapping to descriptive writing with planning this week, which I know many of you enjoy. The work chunks this week are are as follows:
Tuesday 5th May: Watch this video clip to remind you about writing to describe; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcdndYPItHI. Then, use this link to remind yourself of ‘How to Plan a Descriptive Essay’ based on a photograph using a ‘zoom’ camera metaphor. Follow the explanation given, then use the structure provided, organise your own PLAN for a descriptive piece based on the ‘snowy street’ picture which is shown.

Thursday 7th May: Continue using this link to the next way of planning a descriptive piece using ‘Time of Day’ paragraphs. A detailed example is shown. Complete your own detailed plan in the same manner using the photo offered OR your own preferred photo

Extension Work: Remind yourself of Writing Effective Sentences correctly using this video –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smgyeUomfyA. Then, write up your description in between 3 – 6 paragraphs maximum.

Friday 8th May: Having read Acts 1 & 2 of An Inspector Calls, please complete the ‘Fit the Quote to the Character Sheet’ here and watch either of the following video clips about the Suffragette Movement that was taking place at the same time the play is set in 1912.
Easy to follow fun drama  about Emily Pankhurst – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9VOIzrOa2E
More in-depth documentary (28 mins) on the Suffragettes – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTPquhaRxUw

Work for week commencing 27th April 2020

This week we’re going to be switching to the Paper 2 reading skills. This involves non-fiction texts (factual about true life events or information).  You have two hours of this Language work set (it may be quicker for some of you or longer for others. Do what you can up to an hour please). There’s also an Extention Sheet with more on the first text, that you can do if you wish.

Tuesday 28th AprilRead the article from The Guardian given about ‘too much tourism.’ Now answer Activity Questions 1 – 5. If you struggle to complete No. 5 then try and just do the first paragraph (use the one given as a model answer but write in your own words).

Tuesday 28th April EXTENTION option: Where it says ‘Spotlight on AO3 in question 4’ complete Activity 5 Questions 6, 7, 8

Thursday 30th April: Read the source of Francis Kilvert’s 19th century diary and answer Activity 1 using the table provided. YOu may well need to re-create this table on your own paper and fill in. 

On Friday we will begin to look at the play ‘An Inspector Calls’ and I have organised for you to receive a LINK direct to this text on-line from a company called Classoos. Please SAVE this link somewhere as you will need it over the next 5 weeks. 

Finally, as I’ve already mentioned to many of you – please SAVE your work files including your first name and date the work is set for. If it’s ‘extention work’ then please put ‘EXT’ in the file name after your name. It makes it much easier for me to identify and save it safely. 

Excitingly, this week you are also going to start a new play – ‘An Inspector Calls’ by JB Priestly. Written at the beginning of the Second World War it centres on an upper middle class family in 1912, before the outbreak of the First World War. It challenges much of the accepted beliefs of the time through superb writing and powerful characterisation. I very much hope you will enjoy it. 

Firstly, please READ the play to the end of Act 1 by Friday 1st May – start whenever you wish. You can access the play online through a link that I have set up through www.Classos.com Please see instructions here (MS Classos for students). If possible download the Classos App to your ipad or laptop or just access the book through their website in your normal bowser. You may also like to buy the actual book from amazon.com but you don’t have to.

Friday 1st May:  1. Read to the end of Act 1 by today2. Open this link (PDF_ Fri 1st May An Inspector Calls Activities) – Watch ONE of the embedded video clips only from the play’s trailers. Choose 2 ‘COLOURED HATS’ and answer the questions. 3. Then do the HISTORIAL CONTEXT activity page 23 also in this link. 4. Watch this video that’s 7 mins 40 secs long: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fXw8lWWtlA

for week commencing 20th April 2020

Dear Class 9,
English is timetabled for you on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and it makes good sense for you to carry out the work on those particular days so that you ‘get into the flow’ of doing some English regularly. 

Tuesday 21st April: Watch the video using this link – It lasts just over 8 minutes and is about analysing fiction texts. Afterwards open up the PDF file for today and complete all the pre-reading tasks on page 8 & 9.

Thursday 23rd April: On the next PDF file you will find a Reading Text and exercises based on it. Please complete all these.

Friday 24th April: Finally there is a last PDF file with remaining exercises based on this same text and an exercise to help you understand the marking scheme for Paper 1 English. I have also provided an Extention PDF for any of you who wish to complete this which includes further marking analysis and some writing.
If at all possible you can TYPE your answers on a Word document and email back to [email protected] but if you can’t type it,  then simply handwrite your answers on lined or white paper CLEARLY MARKING the EXERCISE NUMBERS in the margin and photograph each page. Attach these to an email and send in. You may of a better way. It is not always easy for me to add my comments to every type of file.

Please RETURN each day’s work as you complete it so that I can mark it as we go along. If you are unsure of anything, just email the new ‘ENGLISH’ email address above.

Enjoy flexing your brains! 

Mrs E Peters, Upper School English Teacher, working part-time on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. email: [email protected]