Term Dates

The term dates at Michael Hall school have been designed to balance the student’s and staff learning throughout the year. The school year generally starts on a Thursday, and contains 35 weeks of teaching. The holidays match the rest of the schools in this local area schedule, with additional non-school time inserted either to support teacher learning or more time for the child to recover between terms. The holiday schedule aims for 2.5 weeks at Christmas holidays, 3 weeks at Easter (as teachers attend the annual Easter conference), 10 days at both the autumn & spring half-term break, and then 7 weeks during the summer. The school year for teachers is longer as they have several work days and 6 training days. (NB: 1 out of ~5 years, the year starts earlier and there are 3 weeks holiday at Christmas; this is due to the bank holiday being very late in August).

Term dates for 2020/2021