We’re all Alone, Together

Class 8b

Class 8b were set an English practise piece to try to write a poem or song lyrics about their experiences so far in lockdown. 

These are the lyrics to Emilies song and in can be heard here.

Verse 1

Alone Together Lyrics

We’re in a time,
Where home is our world. Sitting ‘round all day, Trying to work.
We’ve all sat and thought, “Should I cut my hair?” When our mum comes in, Saying don’t you dare.


We’re all alone, Together.

Verse 2

Every Thursday night, We’d come together.
To praise the ones,
That make our lives better. Our sleep schedules, Have all been messed up. At twelve o’clock,

Is when we wake up.


We’re all alone, Together. We’re all alone, Together.

Middle 8

Passing time and backing pies,
Is what we do these days.
Calls on zoom and waiting rooms, Will soon drive us insane.

Final Verse

Who knows how long,
This whole thing could last. But soon enough,
It’ll be in the past.